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October 06 2016

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Hell's Kitchen - Jeremy Mann, oil on panel
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June 12 2016

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May 23 2016

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May 08 2016

Earth's Schwarzschild radius: the volume Earth would have to be compressed in order to form a black hole - 8.87 mm
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April 20 2016

Berlinish declaration of love
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March 24 2016

Pretty much, yeah.

And it just seems so patronizing... oh, look at these poor backwards Angolans without the interwebs... we should give them Facebook and Wikipedia so they can uplift themselves from their savagery.

Meanwhile "the poor backwards Angolans" have said "what, you think we're idiots? Screw you, we want movies, porn, music, and picture's of Nicki Minaj's ass (apparently), just like everyone else on the interwebs."

I don't see this as misuse. I see this as flipping the bird to the patronizing attempts to give them a tiny bit of the internet and expect them to be all "thank you boss" about it.

I think this is hilarious, and I applaud them for doing it.

Angola's Wikipedia Pirates Are Exposing Loopholes in Zero Rating - Slashdot
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March 17 2016

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March 09 2016

think about it
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February 26 2016

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February 20 2016

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February 13 2016

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Fettes Brot feat. Geekchester - Jein - MODEM SOLO!
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February 05 2016

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Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves addresses the European Parliament

February 04 2016

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February 03 2016

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The Shoes - Time to Dance

January 23 2016

January 22 2016

Aber der ist doch viel zu schön :(

January 08 2016

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December 28 2015

The computer science majors have convinced each other that the best way to save the world is... to do computer science research.
I spent a weekend at Google talking with nerds about charity. I came away … worried.
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December 22 2015

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Nur steht am Denkmal dort steht was von Invasion oder so. :/
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